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My brother was exposed to large amounts of Agent Orange in Viet Nam. If that was not enough he was then shot in the face, taking out his eye and destroying much of the facial structure. He was transferred back to the states where he received almost adequate care with numerous surgeries to rebuild his face. A couple of years later he became ill and sought help from VA. He was blown off and told that he was fine. He continued to complain for many months. They finally decided to do some blood work and found that he had aplastic anemia probably from the Agent Orange. 3 days later he died. If he had been cared for properly, if his blood work had been done in a timely manner he might be alive today and his two sons would have a father. The VA has been treating our veterans like they were dirt ever since I can remember and it is finally coming to light. How many have died? We will never know but my brother died by American hands, not by Viet Cong hands.

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