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    The Veterans Administration offers Aid and Attendance as part of an "Improved Pension" Benefit that…Read More

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The Latest Post The Bracelet of Captain Calvin Maxwell - November 15th, 2013 Sometimes a series of events that seemed totally unrelated at the time they happened, come together in a most profound and an almost unbelievable way that leaves one to truly ponder the definition of “Fate” to tell a story. I don’t know how long the events have been…Read More
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This is what happens when there is a lack of education about this pension, and why the work VeteranAid.org does is so critical. We need…Read More

Winning Veterans’ Trust, and Profiting From It

At Aspen View, a senior living complex in Billings, Mont., a lawyer accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs delivered what seemed like good news: Mr. Schaffer, a World War II veteran, could probably qualify for a generous V.A. benefit. For a few thousand dollars, the man would help veterans like Mr. Schaffer get one. “My dad kept on…Read More
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People need to be informed about those whose intentions are less than honorable.

Bill targets ‘pension poachers,’ but some worry it doesn’t go far enough

Bill targets ‘pension poachers,’ but some worry it doesn’t go far enough Friday, Dec. 13, 2013 By Chad Garland Cronkite News WASHINGTON – Lawmakers hope to make it harder for “pension poachers” to hide the assets of elderly veterans, but at least some advocates worry that the proposed fix may end up hurting the vets it is designed to…Read More
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