Incredible petition response!

  • Update #9

The recent response to the bag ban petition has been mind-blowing! It's as though the cause suddenly really took off. Whatever the reason, I would like to Thank You all for adding your voice so as to reach the 10, 000 mark so suddenly. In fact, I feel so…Read More

3 July is THE date!

  • Update #8

Only 150 more signatures are required for this campaign to reach it's current goal of 2000. 3 July is International Plastic Bag Free Day so let's work together and aim towards a result which can be effectively used to make progress in banning plastic shopping…Read More

1000 signature goal reached

  • Update #7

Well the goal of 1000 petition signatures has been reached, and overshot. 491 new people signed in this last week alone, wow, Thank You! It is time to raise the bar - Rethink the Bag is now aiming at 2000 signatures so please spread the good word everyone!

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