Since 1983 Ohio SPCA has worked tirelessly to protect, save and cherish abandoned and abused animals of all kinds.

Every humane organization dreams of the day when cruelty to animals can be reduced to the point of elimination. The Ohio SPCA (formerly known as the Ohio Humane Education Association) was formed in 1983 to help bring this dream to reality through humane education.

The Ohio SPCA is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization. We bring reform to Ohio's county dog pounds (putting an end to shooting and the use of homemade gas boxes and chambers), intercede when animal cruelty is ignored, and operate an animal sanctuary.


The Ohio SPCA is located and operates strictly in Ohio. We are not affiliated with the ASPCA which is based in New York. While we appreciate the publicity brought to helping abused animals by the ASPCA media campaign and television show on Animal Planet, many people mistakenly believe we are one and the same and the donation will be passed on to us. This is not the case. We are the ones in the trenches in Ohio, fighting for the animals.

1. To extend humane education, which will lead to an awareness of the need for people to be responsible & kind stewards over animals.

2. To intercede on behalf of animals & bring about change to situations & practices in which cruelty, neglect, or unnecessary suffering exists.


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