Deadline Extended!

  • Update #8

I have extended the deadline on this campaign until the end of 2020. I apologize to those that wished to share with their friends to sign it recently, and Causes wouldn’t allow them to do so because of a deadline that I inadvertently allowed to pass. My…Read More

Strong Response Continues

  • Update #7

Everyone - the strong response to this petition continues. Please keep sharing the link on your FB pages and Twitter accounts so we can gain the half a million signatures as soon as possible. Keep sending your message to Congress that we expect them to act…Read More

Progress Update

  • Update #6

Thanks to all who have signed this so far. We are now over 70,000 signatures and still going strong. Please continue to post this link and share the page so that we get all the exposure on this that we can. As a reminder, when this petition is complete I…Read More

Update on April 10, 2013

  • Update #4

Steady stream of signatures! Averaging a little more than 100 a day. Let's keep sharing this so we can reach the goal as quickly as possible. Now at over 63,200! Sending the signatures to Tom Coburn of Oklahoma when completed, one of our US Senators from the…Read More

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