We want to force Congress to limit their pay and benefits to those of the average American worker.

This Cause is to create a petition to send to Congress, demanding that they pass a Constitutional amendment that limits their pay, pensions, and benefits to that of the average American citizen; the tax money of each citizen pays the salary and benefits of their elected leaders.

1. The average member of Congress makes quadruple the average American worker, and receives higher benefits than the average worker, whose tax money pays for Congressional compensation. 

2.  Visit the group “Giving Congress a Pay CUT!” on Facebook to track the progress of the petition. 

3. We are hardworking Americans who are tired of the elite establishment of Washington, who have forgotten for whom they work, and who abuse the taxing authority they have been given by voting themselves salary raises and costly benefits, including creating slush funds, using our tax money to pay the monetary legal liabilities of congressional members illegally harassing their staff, not to mention exempting themselves overall from the laws they create, including laws pertaining to personal healthcare choices. 

4. Let's end Congressional pay raises, automatic pensions, and cadillac health care benefits that we pay for, as well as the slush fund to pay the financial legal liabilities of members breaking employment laws! Restore DC to the people!


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