We want to force Congress to limit their pay and benefits to those of the average American worker.

This Cause is to create a petition to send to Congress, demanding that they pass a Constitutional amendment that limits their pay, pensions, and health benefits to that of the average American citizen, who pays their salary.

1. The average member of Congress makes quadruple the average American worker and receives better benefits than the workers who's tax money pays for them

2. Go to this link to sign a petition to be sent to Congress! http://apps.facebook.com/questionnaires/answer.php?survey_id=917342147

3. Visit the group "Giving Congress a Paycut!" to track the progress of the petition.

4. We are hardworking Americans who are tired of the "fat cats" of Washington, who have forgotten whom they work for and who pays their salaries!

5. Let's end Congressional payraises, automatic pensions, and cadillac health care benefits that we pay for. Restore DC to the people!


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