Enough is enough, this poor breed of dogs deserve to be treated the same way as any other, they weren't breed to be cruel or to fight, it's time to recognize them as a sweet and very well trainable dogs, please sign this petition!

Ken Foster
Ken Foster Campaign leader

At Jazz Fest 2013, attendees talked about why the pit bull should honored.

Not all dogs are created equal

I signed this petition because, as a dog lover, I also had been biased against pit bulls, due to the way some of them have been bred and/or raised to be violent. I subsequently have learned that they are good dogs when bred and raised properly. It only becomes news when there is a violent…Read More

I Support Ken with this for a lot of reasons ! 1 my husband was from New Orleans,I visited there in 1985,had a Blast ! My husband even took our sons there one year to meet his side of the family ,who still live there ! R.I.P John ! I have 3 Pit Bulls,Best dogs ever,all Rescues ! And I know for a…Read More

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