Between 50 to 70 percent of all dogs in New
Orleans are "pit bulls" or similar mixes, yet people still
misunderstand the true nature of this breed.  While recent incidents, such
as the rescue of animals after Hurricane Katrina, have portrayed the dogs in a
sympathetic light, they deserve to be honored as loyal, affectionate, jazz-loving
family pets.  The world looks to New Orleans each spring during the two
weeks of the New Orleans Jazz Festival, and in doing so, the festival has a
unique and powerful role in opening individuals eyes to the diverse, creative
culture of New Orleans.  By honoring the American Pit Bull, the festival
would be able to educate their audience to look beyond stereotypes in both the
animal and human worlds, and encourage owners of all dog breeds to be
responsible to both their own dogs and the community around them.  

We'd like the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage
Festival to honor the American Pit Bull, the most popular dog in New Orleans.
  In doing so, we can introduce the dog and its true history to a broad
audience and educate the public about responsible dog ownership.  


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