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Personal Campaign

Aaron Mendelsohn

Aaron is gathering 10 signatures to

Demand Action To End Gun Violence.

I usually sit on my butt and simply "like" the causes that I agree with, but gun control is a cause that gets me out of my chair. You'll see from the infographic how ridiculous and ineffective our current gun laws are – the ones that are still on the books – and how unfavorably we compare to other developed countries. Of course you're well aware of what the appeasement of the NRA and gun interests has led to: more and more front page stories about shootings in schools, malls, workplaces and homes. More and more death, pain and misery. For Gabby Giffords, for the parents at Sandy Hook, for a more safe and peaceful future, please sign the petition and share with your friends. Thanks!

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Personal Campaign

Melanie Manson

Melanie is gathering 10 signatures to

Demand Action To End Gun Violence.

Very simple reason. Too many innocent people are being killed only under the pretext that the Constitution is giving us the right to bear guns. I guess our Fathers really believe that the war with England and the Natives would last for ever. I don't think they meant it to be used to kill our neighbors for just " because." For all I know the constitution was not written by God. Far from it. I think all guns should be mounted by some kind of detection device to alert us that someone carrying a gun is walking among us. Well if we can land on the moon I can't see why we shouldn't be able to come up with such a device. To make it easy for the people who enjoy hunting the device could be set to go on when sensing a human. Well if you can't change the Constitution then at least try to do something with the guns period. Time to get to work people.

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Personal Campaign

Marian Barnes

Marian is gathering 10 signatures to

Demand Action To End Gun Violence.

To drive a car you need to pass a drivers test-you need to be mentally competent and pass a road test.To get into college you need to pass college entrance be a teacher you need to pass tests and be certified. you need license to hunt,fish-have to pass coast guard tests to run a boat. why not have to prove mental competence and take tests to own a gun? and assault weapons should be banned for private individuals and just be for use in the military.

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