• Update #7

Four are dead and 16 wounded in the second mass shooting at Fort Hood in 5 years. Today, more mothers across America are grieving the loss and injuries of their sons and daughters. Please sign our condolence letter to those affected by the Fort Hood tragedy…Read More

GRAPHIC: The State of Our Movement

  • Update #5

From Mayors Against Illegal Guns: In his 2013 State of the Union address, President Obama made passing common-sense gun laws a top priority of his administration. It's been a year, and despite the support of more than 90% of Americans and a majority of U.S.…Read More

Talking Turkey on Guns this Thanksgiving

  • Update #4

Everyone has friends and relatives with strong opinions and shaky facts. You can help set the table straight -- all you need is this simple guide to Talking Turkey about guns!  (We are thankful to Mayors Against Illegal Guns for creating this handy resource.)

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