GMO's are too big a risk for a small world to take.

GMO's have been proven a great risk to our health and environment in countless studies. - Cancer, infertility and deformities are some of the "side effects" of the GMO industry's takeover-attempt of the worlds food and seed supply.

With the accumulation of formaldehyde, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in agricultural crops and the official willingness to serve these contaminated products to the general population - not only in America but many developing and dependent countries - we need to speak out against this run amok investment scheme.

- -.. thinking about what the science does to our bio-diversity,- plant-, animal- and human DNA,- leaves me wondering if we need another petition - to have GMOs classified as biological weapons.

We need to address all these problems and corruption with a loud NO MORE!

Please, sign and share this petition for everyone's sake. 

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