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Jeff Charlie Selin

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Stop Trapping And Poaching Animals

this matter is in humane and animal cruelty,its a severe way for any animale to die ,plus hunters and poachers dont care about the public by setting these traps in public forest and just 3 feet in some areas just off public trails where people stroll with there familys and pets ,OUTLAW ALL TRAPS AND SNARES AND ANY OTHER INHUMANE MEANS OF HUNTING.......

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Wayne Parkstone

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Stop Trapping And Poaching Animals

The fear that you feel everyday is nothing to what these animals feel. They donot understand, they did nothing to anyone but they are chased and killed for something they never did or had any idea of. In another time, you and that hunted would have been best friends. Todays "sport hunting" no longer contains any "sport" at all. Just chase and shoot. follow till he falls (if he doesn't get away). Many do get away and suffer for days, weeks, months and even years!!! You go home and warm up. have a drink, dinner and climb in a nice warm bed. WHAT ABOUT THATDEER YHOU SHOT WITH AN ARROW THAT IS SUFFERING??? In these cases, I pray for the animal and pray that the hunter does not wake up !!!

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Megsther Work

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Stop Trapping And Poaching Animals

Friends and family, help me to end this cruel practice by signing this petition. Lets' send a strong message to express our horror and to ask the people responsible of trapping and poaching animals to stop this practice. THIS PRACTICE IS UNHUMANE. IT IS HEART BROKEN TO SEE HOW ANIMALS SUFFER AND ARE AFRAID AND STRESS KNOWING THAT THEY ARE ABOUT TO BE KILL FOR NO GOOD REASON. IT IS CRUEL TO SEE ANIMALS IN A TRAPPED SITUATION. THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE TREATED THAT WAY.

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