Please be a voice for Gaya the elephant that lived in poor, filthy conditions in Baneasa Zoo-Romania , lonely, sad, hungry, thirsty and died a horrible death.from the order of Anca Oprea who called the police with dogs and fire torches to force Gaya to go in her filthy stable with feral cats, rats, mice that she was affraid of. 

Being chased and bitten by the dogs, scarred of the fire, tired and weak the elephant tried to run away, to escape, but she slipped and colapsed on her side on the ground. unable to get back on her feet.

Gaya cried in pain and agony with her trunk and legs bleeding, down on the ground for 2 days when she succumbed to her death.

The guilty people that ended Gaya's life are free and got away with murder ! As a matter of fact, Mrs Anca Oprea is still the director of Baneasa Zoo today !

Please have your say! 

Justice Must Be Done and Must Be Seen To Be Done !

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