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Save The Polar Bears

It's really hard on the polar bears. Especially the babies and the mama's. Some times the mama can't find enough food to sustain her milk supply and so the babies starve because of it. I watch alot of those programs on Natgeo wild. There are times when the bears are forced to go 6 months without food because of the global warming. The bears are so desperate and so hungry that they've been seen 60 miles from shore looking for food. Some bears, like the ones just out on their own, either drown, or starve because of the global warming. Somehow the bears must diversify their diet so they don't starve. I just wish there were ways to put it into their heads to head south and start killing the rein deer or some other creature besides seals. The way it is, the summers have lasted 6 months or longer and the bears are starving. We must do something to help the animals to survive. It's horrible what they do because of desperation. Please, let's try to do something to help them. The babies are at bigger threat. Because their mom's aren't finding enough food to keep their milk going, the babies are starving.It was said that 60% of babies die.

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