Dear President,

Every single day approximately 200 dogs/400 cats are euthanized in the state of NJ alone. That's 72K dogs, and 144K felines annually. Yet I visit Oodle Marketplace, Craigslist, Ebay, etc..... only to realize that pet owners turned backyard breeders have made a business of their family pets, advertising for studs, and selling "teacup" designer dogs, which are actually a genetic defect.

There are far too many unwanted pets that die every SINGLE day because there are not enough loving homes available. We would benefit greatly from a gov't program providing free/low cost sterility programs for EVERYONE, not just low~income families. American people should be rewarded with a HEALTHY PET/RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER TAX CUT! Our hard earned wages are paying for salaries for people who feed then kill homeless pets in shelters! A tremendous expense!

If you were to make it illegal to have/breed an intact pet, with punishable monetary fines and in certain cases even prison sentences, this would certainly abort the overcrowding at shelters, which would be a considerable reduction in overhead, too. The time MUST CEASE that your loyal furry family member has become your (undeclared) cash cow.

Only experienced, licensed breeders should have the rights to breed.

Too many healthy, young, middle~aged and senior homeless pets are dying daily and need your help today. Last year, some 10-15M homeless animals were killed in U.S. shelters. Mr. President, please save the animals today.

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