Your participation in this petition matters greatly, as it will show that there are enough people upset enough about the limited powers in animal abuse investigations. We need as many signatures as possible (and the sooner the better) to prove it matters to the residents of Singapore.

It will also show that you support the development of an Animal Welfare Police in Singapore, that may be or may not be separate from the AVA. This Animal Welfare Police needs to be able to go into a property to investigate on tip-offs to gather evidence like normal police and to have the power to remove the animal in question temporarily and placed in a safe shelter until investigations are complete to ensure further abuse or potential abandonment does not occur.

If you support this petition to the authorities to ask for an Animal Welfare Police, whether it is under the Singapore Police Force or the SPCA or another animal welfare group (through giving stronger investigation and pet removal powers), the Agency for Animal Welfare Ltd (AAW) will take this, YOUR petition list to lobby for governmental assistance to consider and activate this proposal for as long as we exist to advocate for pet welfare in Singapore. We will also be presenting this petition at the 3rd Singapore Animal Welfare Symposium and Public Forum on Animal Welfare Policies. This petition can only work if you sign it and ask your families and friends to sign it to tell the authorities you want an Animal Welfare Police in Singapore with investigative power, animal safety removal power and power to refer to the attorney general's office for prosecution.

Please sign now! Surprise Singapore with more than 100,000 signatures!  Thank you so much on behalf of the voiceless animals and all of us at
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