In light of Jeremy Scahill's shocking documentary film Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield that exposes the hidden truths behind America's expanding covert wars, CODEPINK has launched the campaign "Clean Up the Dirty Wars". The covert drone strikes and night raids approved by President Obama's administration--masked by the language of precision--are anything but clean. Sign this petition to urge President Obama to do the following before the  CODEPINK trip to Yemen on June 9th, 2013:

End the occupation of Afghanistan: It's time to bring ALL the US troops and private security contractors home, and allow the Afghan people to decide their own future.

Stop the lethal drone strikes. The drone strikes have killed countless civilians, are a recruiting tool for extremists and spread anti-American sentiment. Take responsibility for innocent victims: Set up a process where the families of innocent victims can seek redress from the US government, including compensation.

Close Guantanamo: Start by immediately releasing the 86 prisoners who have been cleared for release, then formally charge and try the remaining prisoners in fair and open proceedings and shut down the prison.

Join CODEPINK to demand accountability from our president. It's time to Clean Up These Dirty Wars!

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