Because the War against Iraq was not justified and because they killed many innocents, destroyed many that was built useful for the Iraq's Nation and consequently they left many children without parents, many husbands without their loved wives & many moms became singles, many parents without…Read More

Millions of Millions people had killed in Middle-East! Who gonna say "lie" for this? No one... This is a shamefull truth about humans.. Millions of children has no father and mother, no more.. What they do to them? Who protect those childrens? Soner or later, they will grown up, and imperialism…Read More

I stand with this mother and her family against the men who on false premises, led this country into a war which has destroyed her country.

Help an Iraqi single mom get justice!

In every nation, color or creed when we bleed our blood is red, when we cry our tears are wet, when we hurst we ask for mercy. I believe in justice for all people of this world. I am a Rotarian with great beliefs in justice, helping the needy, aiding the oppressed and putting an end to all…Read More

mother mary bless mother and her children i feel everthing will be fine mother mary is with them and protecting them mother mary give endless love to them my good wishes with them always and love of mother mary

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