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Amina Ganny

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Help An Iraqi Single Mom Get Justice!

Every single life is important and every child is special and from a mothers point of view a mother indures so much pain carrying the baby nine months in her stomach than the joy and pain of bringing up the baby her first step first day in school last day in college seeing your precious child getting married and suddenly your precious child life ends she is left all alone to fend for self in this world be mother and father to her children and also be the bread earner it us very difficult in a third world for a women to live alone she is now a target of not only the beastly eyes of male oriented society but the job is scarce and very meager I can go on and on but what is the use who is going to listen who will stop the killing of innocent nothing will change and isnt it the law of the jungle the lion rules and we call ourselves civilised the difference here is the money rules.

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Kristina Aboulghar

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Help An Iraqi Single Mom Get Justice!

It matters because since the invasion 2003 I have been totally against it.I know that America didn't do it because of compassion for the Iraqi people they did it because it served their interests.They didn't care a bit for the Iraqi people just for themselves and their selfish interests.Ronald Reagan was in the 80th when he was president a very good friend of Sadam Hussein because at that time it served the interests of the States. So let us support this single mother in her pesuit for justice.

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