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Make Halloween fun, not sexist

Halloween would be more fun if we didn't force sexism down people's throats.

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desperately seeking sexy Virginia Woolf.

Mocking the Sexy Halloween Costume Trend » Sociological Images

by Lisa Wade, PhD, Oct 31, 2011, at 11:50 am Jillian Tamaki has drawn a great cartoon mocking the trend towards making sexy Halloween costumes out of decidedly not-sexy stuff (like crayons and cartoon dogs).  It’s worth a scroll.  My favorite is “Sexy first edition of Old Man and the Sea.” Thanks to Lindsey at A Tiny Piece for the tip! …Read More

EPIC. Personal fave might have to be the awkward 3rd wheel ;)

12 Wordplay Halloween Costumes

Mental Floss
By this time of year, we've seen list after list of great Halloween costumes, not to mention the many cosplay galleries that appear all year long. Buried in those lists, there are some costumes that require you to think, because they aren't all that obvious. Some illustrate a concept instead of a character. Others bring to mind a common phrase or…Read More
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