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Micki Glenn

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Encourage Singapore Airlines To Stop Shipping Shark Fins

I am a shark attack survivor. I've spent time up close and personal diving with them. Sharks as apex predators are vital to the health of our oceans. Killing hundreds of thousands of these magnificent creatures cruelly, only for their fins and wasting the remainder of the animal, is unconscionable. Healthy shark populations are not sustainable if this practice continues.

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Hannah De Sha

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Encourage Singapore Airlines To Stop Shipping Shark Fins

I have been researching sharks for years in my own reading and studying, along with watching countless shark documentaries. I have learned a great deal about sharks, and I know I will continue to learn a lot about them as I continue to dive with them as well as research them in my continued studying of them and as a shark scientist. I have learned a lot about how important our sharks our to our oceans and it's health, which should make us care already in knowing how the oceans are so important for our survival, as well as the survival of all other life on earth. Sharks are one of our top APEX predators. This means that they are on the top of the food chain. As an APEX predators the sharks bring balance and control to the fish populations below them. The sharks kill and eat off the dead, the dying and the dumb fish, and keep them in control. This keeps those fish populations below them strong and healthy, which helps to keep the ocean healthy as well as balanced. This also keeps us from fishing out those fish from the oceans, which would eventually make it to our plate. So the fish that we do "need" to eat won't end up being a sick fish, but a healthy fish on our plate. The sharks help to keep are coral reefs healthy in this helpful act as well, so it's a win-win. The oceans stay healthy, we stay healthy and continue surviving, and the sharks get their meals. How does this help the coral reefs you ask? Well I will tell you (thank you for asking). Algae is constantly growing on coral reefs, but there are fish that eat that algae, helping to keep the coral reefs clean and healthy, so there is no over bloom. Above them you have the bigger fish that eat those little algae eating fish, then bigger fish that eat those fish, and then you have the sharks that eat those fish. If you were to take sharks out of the oceans, each species below them will take the place as APEX and over expand in population numbers. All the algae eating fish will be eaten off, and the balance will be thrown off and eventually it will completely die. You will have a dead zone as well as those algae eating fish are gone and the algae over blooms and kills the coral reefs. Our oceans, without the sharks, will die, which will lead to our end because without the oceans (our life support system) we will die. Maybe you are still questioning if that is so? Then stop for a minute and picture the world without the ocean. As Dr. Sylvia Earle says, you will find a planet that looks a lot like mars. The ocean is literally our life support system (the blue heart of the planet), it's our source of the water we need for many survival needs, both for us and all living creation. We need our oceans, but the oceans need our sharks, and right now the sharks need us. They need us to be a voice for them and help in many wonderful efforts to help in saving them and our oceans, and in the end saving us. As Rob Stewart has said, "conservation is most important, because conservation is the preservation of human life on earth." (true fact). This is why this petition, along with all other petitions and efforts are so important to me. Not because I love the sharks, but I love people. When you think about it, those of us who are fighting for the sharks (as we research them, for those of us going into that field) are really fighting for us, the human population; people. Will you sign this petition and help me and all the other wonderful people out there encourage the Singapore Airlines to please stop shipping shark fins? The sharks need our help. This growing demand for sharks, and especially their fins is killing off the shark populations at rates they can't keep up with.

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