According to Metro police, two teens, both 16, were arrested Wednesday for the recent killings of two kittens near Cheyenne Avenue and Cimarron Road.

Police said the teens are in a juvenile detention facility where they face charges of animal cruelty, a felony, plus recommended charges of conspiracy. However, it is unknown if the teens will be charged as adults or juveniles. Any punishment meted out if the teens are charged as juveniles would be much less severe.

The case has been submitted to the District Attorney Juvenile Section for prosecution.

The story came to light when a Las Vegas resident reported having witnessed animal cruelty in her neighborhood, even taking pictures of the dead kittens and the teens who are allegedly responsible.

It began when a feral cat ended up in a woman's backyard. A few days later, the woman, who only wished to be identified as "Chris," witnessed something she said still keeps her up at night.

"I have the vision in my head. I will never get rid of it," Chris said.

Chris took a picture of a dead kitten beside a cup of water. Another kitten, she said, was inside the cup. Both were drowned.

"There were two boys - teenagers, standing over the dead one and the one that was dead inside the cup," she said. "They were holding it down."

Chris said she's received threats from the teens. The ordeal started when the cat that came to her home gave birth to the kittens. While cleaning her pool, Chris heard the kittens screaming on the other side of the wall that divides her property.

"If I could've crawled over the wall that is like eight to 10 feet (high), I would probably be in jail because you cannot do that to an animal," she said.

If prosecuted, it could be a landmark case - the first under Cooney's Law, which was passed one year ago. The law makes the killing of animals such as dogs and cats a felony in Nevada.

Before Cooney's Law was passed, a person could be convicted of animal cruelty three times in seven years before it was considered a felony.

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