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Marin Stamer
Marin Stamer Campaign leader

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21 surprising effects of the government shutdown you haven’t heard about

Washington Post
The government shutdown will temporarily slash the staffs and operations of every “nonessential” federal program — which, as you can imagine, adds up to a whole lot of programs. There are the ones you know about, like the national parks and the panda cam. Then there’s everything else. A right whale sounds in Cape Cod Bay. The advisory committee…Read More
Marin Stamer
Marin Stamer Campaign leader

This shows why the government shut down.

Congress Has a Short Memory on Shutdowns

ABC News
The federal government shut down on Tuesday for the first time in over 17 years, one of the clearest signs of how dysfunctional and divided Washington has become. Government shutdowns were once a common occurrence in the 1970s and 1980s. Between 1976 and 1996, the government shut down 17 times (the Washington Post lists them all here). But…Read More