York Williams

Kristof’s article discusses EDC’s, Endochrine Disrupter Chemicals, which mimic human hormones, and their current omnipresence in our…Read More

This Is Your Brain on Toxins

“Lead helps to guard your health.” That was the marketing line that the former National Lead Company used decades ago to sell lead-based household paints. Yet we now know that lead was poisoning millions of children and permanently damaging their brains. Tens of thousands of children died, and countless millions were left mentally impaired. One…Read More

I will support anything that will find a cure for cancer my dad had it my aunts and now my sister is fighting for her life so come on everyone please sign this and we will fight it together

This cause is near and dear to my heart(no pun intended). I lost my mother at a very young age because of this disease. She is missed every day.

I was diagnosed with Breast cancer at the age of 43 and that was a scary experience. I have battled my cancer since with Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Herceptin. I was clear of any trace of cancer in October this year.
I am more aware than ever of what could cause cancer and I have taken action…Read More

May Leen

MCS, EI EMS, CFS , Lyme, Mold Poisoning: Environmental Illnesses are on the rise. People have been severely injured or even died from mold…Read More

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