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Crystal Rose Mantecón

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End The Breast Cancer Epidemic.

Nearly 100 of the most common shampoos alone contain a carcinogen that many men and women are exposed to almost daily. ( Add to that body lotions and skincare, and if women aren't educated about these carcinogens, it can become quite dangerous! ( No wonder cancer incidences for breast cancer alone has risen to 1 in 8 women battling it in their lifetime here in the US. These are needless, cheap filler chemicals harming our loves ones! Would you rather have your health? Your sister's health? Your mothers? Please sign this petition, and boycott products with any of the ingredients listed as carcinogens. P.S. To enjoy safe products, find them at your neighborhood organic health store or order Arbonne Products online using my consultant ID #17979169 at Get discounts by becoming a Preferred Client or a Host. These products are botanically based & provide amazing skin benefits. I fell in love with them. :)

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Nick Magel

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End The Breast Cancer Epidemic.

Pick ribbons never won a campaign and they sure won't cure cancer. Only going after the dangerous chemicals linked to causing cancer can help. Many of these products are in our bathrooms and kitchens. It's time we take real action to stop cancer. During October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, companies sell pink products to raise money - and some of these products include hazardous chemicals linked to causing cancer! Pinkwash? Join me and take a stand to protect all of us from toxic chemicals that are making us sick in the first place, because wearing more ribbons won't stop the source of the problem, but calling on The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works to overhaul and update the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) of 1976 we can make a real impact!

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