Im from a town located just outside the southgate to Yosemite National Park. This Goverment shutdown is affecting tens of thousands of people in the surrounding mountain communities that rely on tourism for their livelyhood. These communities are collectively losing millions of dollars each day,…Read More

Our country deserves wild spaces, natural spaces, living history spaces in order to grow as individuals and discover who we are and to grow as a greater community and as a future-thinking community.

NatureBridge Campaign leader

NatureBridge students leaving Yosemite Valley on Thursday.

Tell Congress to reopen national parks

Inspirational 1.5 minute video used to recruit students to the WildLink Club.

There's nothing more educational and engaging than first-hand experiences in nature. Children/students eagerly await unique educational opportunities like these, which don't come up very often. It's so unfair that because our country's leaders can't "place nice" and honor our democratic system,…Read More

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