Hey FB FM TAKE CONGRESS TO THE POLES. Make sure these people remember WE THE PEOPLE When we talk about the 99% ters we should not let the 1 percenters hold us hostage. They represent us and they are doing a piss poor job. Let the people in your state know that had they run on I AM GOING TO SHUT…Read More

In my opinon those person who are not willing to give back their pay are obviously selfish. I would like to see them have to live like most of us, pay check to pay check and not knowing where next months mortgage payment is going to come from......... I thank God tht my trust is not in man.…Read More

Why should they keep getting paid? If they don't want to lose pay, they'll all agree a lot faster. I don't think they give a rat's butt about anyone but themselves, in spite of supposedly being public spokesmen & employed by the people.
They won't all agree, Ever!!! The President could end…Read More

If the Congress work for the people they should experience life like we do since they are hired and paid by us. They should have the same medical benefits we do, nothing more than the average professional gets. If they are willing to keep other families from getting a paycheck, they should be…Read More

if I did would it matter no one has enough time and there is too much conflict to list

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