Charlie Davidson
Charlie Davidson Campaign leader

Remember the days when Congress and The President worked together to solve the problems facing America? Me neither.

A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 85% of Americans think that Congress is out for its own interest, not the citizens of the United States and they are…Read More

I also support the amendment that stipulates that congress cannot give itself a raise and they must use the same healthcare plans we, the public use. They are not elite and should not get privileges we can't get.

I agree 100% that their paychecks should stop as well. Maybe than they will stop all this nonsense .

For the few representatives in Congress that are truly unhappy about this and want our country to get back on track, good for them.

For the majority, Congress on up to the top, why do the American people have to take the hit when you don't agree. I would like to hear from one person in Congress,…Read More

we need to show that what they are doing is wrong and when they come up for relection we will show them how much we care about them, about as much as they cared about us the people.

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