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Amber Doll
Amber Doll Campaign leader

Richards reportedly admitted to killing countless animals—up to two per day—over the years. She faces felony cruelty-to-animals charges:…Read More

'CRUSH VIDEO' BUST: Couple Accused Of Torturing Animals With Meat Cleaver

The Huffington Post
A man and a woman are accused of torturing animals with kitchen cutlery, household tools and shoes in footage sold to sexual fetishists. Brent Justice, 51, and Ashley Nicole Richards, 21, appeared in a Houston court on Monday to face charges surrounding the alleged animal cruelty caught on camera. Justice and Richards allegedly tortured a…Read More
Amber Doll
Amber Doll Campaign leader

Explanation of what "crush" videos are....

Crush film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Crush films are videos of animals being crushed by being stepped on.[1][2][3] The term hard crush refers to videos portraying the compaction death of larger animals (e.g. reptiles, birds, mammals), while the term soft crush refers to such videos involving smaller animals (usually invertebrates). Legal status[edit] The legality of crush films…Read More
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