Your contributions will go directly to reducing the cost of the Institute for Regenerative Learning's inaugural course, designed to give students the tools they need to create value and integrate their skills, passions and livelihoods. 

The Institute for Regenerative Learning (IRL) integrates education and cooperative enterprise within a framework of social and environmental sustainability. The Institute’s mission is to build the skills, relationships, and economies to support communities in building just and ecologically sound futures.

For a five day course and weekend summit, the IRL community will converge at a possible long-term site for the project—the historic Inn at Shaker Mill Farm in the Berkshire Mountains. We’ll be workshopping the IRL’s educational models, making connections in the region, and moving our collective vision forward.

If you are unable to donate financially at this time, we hope you will contribute to the project by participating in the summit, joining an exciting community of thoughtful people working in education, permaculture, sustainable food systems, cooperative enterprise, creative process, and reclaiming the commons.


from workshops on group dynamics, ecology, and social enterprise.


to the Institute’s launch as we map resources and shape our vision.

GET HANDS-ON as we begin to improve our new site with a greenhouse, composting system, and expanded garden!

− The Inn at Shaker Mill Farm is located in Canaan, NY, in the Berkshire Mountains. Carpooling will be arranged from the greater Albany area.

− Attend the entire course (Oct 29-Nov 3) or the weekend summit (Nov 2-3)

− Meals and lodging will be provided. Cost of participation is a sliding scale donation

—No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTERContact Brandon: [email protected]

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