The water crisis in the third world is staggering. Nearly 1.5 million children under the age of 5 die every year from lack of clean water. That's just the start. Women and children spend their lives fetching water for miles on end, unable to attend school or make other productive uses of their time. A clean water source bridges the gap, literally, between life and death and extreme poverty. 

Wells of Life is a US based non-profit that was founded in 2008. We work with Fields of Life - whose founder, Rev. Trevor Stevenson helped to co-found Wells of Life along with Nick Jordan, to drill wells in Uganda, East Africa. Fields of Life owns their drilling equipment and has gone through the arduous process of picking drilling rigs that will suit their needs. Fields of Life provides training of the drill team and maintenance program. Fields of Life has done extensive work; from the selection of the drilling rig to the hiring and training of the entire drill crew. Every detail that goes into the construction of a well is meticulously researched.We believe in investing care and attention to every detail in order to build the solid foundation that is necessary to continue growing each operation. We have come up with a schematic plan that is consistent with an assembly line technique that allows each well to be constructed for an all-in-fixed-cost of $6,000.

Please join the cause and help end the extreme poverty caused by lack of access to clean water. 

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