This campaign matters because I'm on Social Security and disability and we get it once a month and we live from month to month. I can't work at this time because I have emphysema and medical health issues . I need that money to pay my bills. Please help me if you can . Sincerely, Joanne Amato

Kad zemlja, poput SAD-a. koja sebe gradi "svjetskim policajcem" blokira samu sebe, na višeznačan način upoznaje nas s time, uz spoznaju ne funkcioniranja, tj. blokade (kod nas: prisilni godišnji) većine državnih institucija, tada građanin poput mene "vidi" jednu novu "zajebanciju" u svijetu. Očito…Read More

While everything shuts down around them, congress have deemed the congressional gym too essential to close. Read as: Tea Party Patriots…Read More

Congressional Gym Deemed Eseential Enough To Remain Open | Fuck You Congress

While thousands of programs and employees were deemed “non-essential” and suspended or furloughed, one of the few government costs deemed essential to maintain during the  shutdown has been the Congressional gym. Oh no, please, don’t get out of the pool, Mr. Boehner. This fuck you is waterproof. There's Fucking More Captaining the Fuck You…Read More
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"The American people deserve a functioning government. It's time to shut down this shutdown!" -- Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Tell House Republicans: Stop holding the government hostage!

"I'll even spring for dinner again."

Obama Will Buy Republicans Dinner Again If They’ll Just Chill

Daily Intelligencer
President Obama took an hour out of his undoubtedly busy day for a news conference this afternoon in which he once again called on Republicans to stop holding the government hostage. "Let's lift these threats from our families and our businesses, and let's get down to work," he practically begged, although the hour-long appearance sounded more…Read More
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