Please find Smokey (share this story and sign the petition and get justice for all those other poor dogs kept in this place?

I love animals and firmly believe that none of God's creatures, especially the helpless, should be abused or unloved. Every animal deserves a safe home and a loving family. My dog, Winnie, was rescued from a puppy mill and was kept in a cage for most of her early life. As a result of this, she…Read More

Justice must be done no animal that has been abused dumped tortured or any other act of cruelty is not acceptable and it's time to speak up take action defend protect animals and their rights if we don't who will!!! Evil actions at human hands need to be made accountable for their actions harsher…Read More

It's a sin to ask for donations to help already abused animals and come to find out the rescue itself is abusing the animals they're pretending to help! This story needs attention in the state of Ohio where there is a dog unaccountable for named Smokey! Read the petition and see if you can help.…Read More

People are criminal that are pretending to be helping animals when in fact its discovered they are collecting money for themselves and abusing the animals. The rescue needs to be accountable for starved dogs. These are bad actors and abusers who must be put out of business immediately, jailed and…Read More

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