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Get Justice For The Animals Found At Nwo Underdog Rescue Oh

This campaign is important to me because I believe that animals have the right to be treated with love, dignity, respect, and care as much as we do. It is important to get involve in animals rights, because discrimination does not stop with humans it also affect our animal. We have to make a stand to say NO to discrimination against all living beings of our planet... Our home! If for some reason you care more for the planet than animals, I want to tell you that the biggest polluted of the planet follow by automobiles is animal waste. All the concentration farms were animals are abuse, kill, mistreated and torture, to supply the human population that consume meat and poultry are not disposing properly the animal waste. And as a result the people living closed by are also been affected.

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Get Justice For The Animals Found At Nwo Underdog Rescue Oh

A petition to Animal control in Woods County where she now lives. Chief Warden, Andrew Snyder 419-354-9367 Deputy warden, Rodney Cook 419-354-9093 Deputy warden, Nora Davis, 419-354-9239 Deputy warden, Justin Gallagher, 419-373-4947 OMG. where do i start? I am heartbroken and truly saddened about the discovery of Bones the dog in the old Toledo home base of NWO Underdog Rescue. There are apparently another two animals buried there. This makes me violently ill as Kathy the owner of NWO Underdog Rescue was my fb friend, and she we believe still has our rescue pages dog SMOKEY in her care, or is he dead too? I WOW NOW to bring this news out to the world. I am so worried for SMOKEY and the other animals left in her care at a new address in Woods County Ohio. I SAY THIS TO KATHY... please do not let any harm come to anymore animals..especially SMOKEY! Smokey was an abused dog, who we saved from deathrow a few years ago. Smokey was saved and taken to TARA'S BABIES in was a wonderful time! Then sadly Tara's had to close, and Smokey was again looking for a new home. This is where NWO Underdog Rescue comes in to the picture. K Sutter said she would take him to her rescue and plans were made. SMOKEY is / was with her rescue for about 16 months now. Here is his page. WE WANT TO KNOW WHERE HE IS NOW!! SMOKEY was an abused dog. Back in 2010 he suffered at the hands of his owners, who beat him and run him over...then left him to die in a ditch. They then dumped him at the shelter and stated said he was a vicious dog. Smokey was then placed on deathrow. Through his fb page we saved him, and we were lucky enough to get him a home at TARA'S BABIES in Arizona. It was the happiest time for us all. Smokey was safe at Tara's Babies and had a great new home. Tara's Babies sadly had to close down so Smokey once again needed to be rehomed. That's where KJ of NWO Underdog Rescue stepped up and stated she could give him a home back in Toledo Ohio. SMOKEY then was given a home at her rescue and he was living there safely and happily so we were led to believe. As of right now...we do not know if he is still alive and can be found at the NWO UNDERDOG RESCUES new premises in Woods County Ohio. ALL WE WANT IS CONFIRMATION THAT SMOKEY IS SAFE AND ALIVE.. the recent news about BONES the dog and Sasha the Malamute's bodies being exhumed from the old premises in Toledo upsets us greatly. Thank you. HERE ARE THE RECENT NEWS STORIES ABOUT THE FINDING OF BONES.. may he and Sasha and omg..countless others all rest in peace. I WOW TO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE FOR YOU ALL. Jayne. Links: Progress 2,186 signed 7,814 more needed We the undersigned demand that any remaining animals that are still in the care of the NWO Underdog rescue formerly based in Toledo Ohio and now based in Wood's County Ohio are removed pending further investigation on the owner of the Rescue - K Sutter. There are deep concerns for the animals left in her care, due to the recent discovery of animal remains in the yard of her former home in Toledo Ohio. Please take action before anymore are possibly found to be hurt or even killed. Sincerely.. Signed,

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