For, when possible, natural cares are better than chemical drugs and may improve health. If we reason all drugs derive by officinals plants that have been surplanted by chemical drugs. Than life and care naturally is better claudio alpaca

it's particularly for the Indians where they (even myself) forget about our traditional alternative medicines or way of cure --- rather than madly run after other todays allopathy + other costly methods. even today on date 07/11/2013. i can guide any 1 for some ailing problems which can be solved…Read More

We want to eat natural growing foods without risky chemicals. The opposition is about money, greed, and corruption, its not about humankind or our basic needs for good foods. We don't want food that be tampered with! This is so obviously wrong. Do your part if you agree, talk about it, sign the…Read More

Reasons for price fluctuations of natural rubber
The international price of RSS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 at Bangkok, Thailand are collected and converted to INR by the Rubber Board to publish on the site. Price Latex 60% drc and SMR 20 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the same manner. Domestic market price at…Read More

Our food is cheap rubbish filled with fillets cheap sweaters for addiction purposes & cheap imulsifyers so it looks all pretty. The emulsifyer i hate is a DRAINO like substance that requires so much sweeter with it to make it palatable. Iv started the paleo lifestyle diet to provide my body…Read More

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