My Dad had an Aviary and as a child would help him in the yard from time to time. He would jar his own honey and drive around Vt. selling his Clover Honey. I learned from him the importance of bees and their part in pollination. Bees are VERY important to the Eco-system and continuation of our…Read More

Tagebuch von dali48: 30.09.2013 - Endangered Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder etc...

Autor und Privat-Lehrer in 41189 Wickrath... see,,,,,…Read More

Bees help make food. Real food. No brainer. Why is this a debate?

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No Pollinators = No Food. Bees, Bats and other misunderstood pollinators are our Friends. Invite them to your table or pretty soon we will be unable to produce nor gather anything to put on your table. Thank big agra for this epic failure. We can live without Monsanto's chemicals and their GMO…Read More

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