A hundred years ago there were 100,000 tigers in the wild. Today there are as few as 3,200.  In a relatively short period of time, humans have caused tigers to disappear from 93% of their former range and destroyed much of their habitat.

In the words of the 8 year old girl that has inspired her family, friends, and school to take action, "I have been thinking that if we all can raise money to help save the tigers for food, water, injuries, and getting back in the wild, then we can save the tigers." After she learned that it costs $478.20 to feed a tiger every day, she set a new goal of $5,000.  

Ultimately, this little girl's project will support the World Wildlife Fund to double the number of wild tigers by 2022.  Donations will be sent directly to the World Wildlife Fund, which will use the money to provide tigers with protected habitat and ample prey.
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