prevent the slaughter of calves, and mass production of veal
olivia santana
olivia santana Campaign leader

Honestly, I will not apologize for being so blunt. If by the end of this video, you do not seriously consider becoming vegan or engaging in…Read More

Speak Out Against Idaho’s Dangerous Ag-Gag Bill Now
Farmed animals in Idaho desperately need your help! In 2012, Mercy For Animals exposed horrific cruelty to animals at Bettencourt Dairies, Idaho’s largest dairy factory farm. During the investigation, MFA documented workers sexually abusing animals, and viciously beating, kicking, and jumping on cows in order to deliberately inflict pain. The…Read More

I would like to thank you Tommy for bringing this campaign to my attention. I was already well away I think by the age of 10 the animal cruelty that is inflicted on these baby calves. I was just a child when I read about so I have no idea if the procedure in which they torture these babies has…Read More

olivia santana
olivia santana Campaign leader

I will never accept the world as it is, when there are beasts (disguised in human flesh) that walk around me, free from prosecution. …Read More

It's Not Delivery, It's Alleged Cow Abuse at DiGiorno Supplier

ABC News
Gruesome undercover video shot by the animal rights group Mercy for Animals shows what appears to be brutal treatment of cows at a dairy farm in Wisconsin that is in the supply chain for DiGiorno's pizza. The video, which Mercy for Animals says was shot in October, shows workers beating and prodding the cows and using heavy farm equipment to drag…Read More
olivia santana
olivia santana Campaign leader

"Casting your consumer dollars in favor of healthy and humane vegan food choices is the best way to help end the industry's dreadful…Read More

Is Factory Farming Turning Cows into Cannibals? - MFA Blog

A shocking new article from "Mother Jones" reveals the disgusting truth behind cattle feed: chicken poop. You read that right: farmers are actually scraping all the feces, feathers, and uneaten chicken feed off the floors of chicken cages and broiler houses and feeding it to our nation's cattle. This isn't just appallingly gross; it's also quite…Read More
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