Multinational corporations are trying in every way possible to wrest control of our choices away from us, leaving us only with whatever GMO/poisoned dregs they foist on us to make us sicker and them richer. Have you been hearing how more and more earnings are going to the 1% richest individuals and…Read More

Why this is so important to me and my family.... Today we live in a world of terrifying sickness, disease & cancer! Linked to these sicknesses is a world of environmental factors including food pollutants. Food pollutants not only make us sick and weaken our immune system but they distroy the…Read More

I have an 11 year old grandson and he is allergic to so many things. The doctor told us to only give him organic foods and read he labels on over the counter meds as well. I want himto be healthy and not be filled with cancer causing GMO'S.

There is no positive state of health without the intake of uncontaminated food and fresh clean water.
As corporations move to take these necessities from us our elected officials and government agencies must assure that we are protected.

A recent change to the organic rules mean that problems with USDA Organic probably won't ever be fixed. One of the problems is that…Read More

1.3 MYTH: GM is just another form of mutation breeding and is nothing to worry about

Peter Brown
1.3 MYTH: GM is just another form of mutation breeding and is nothing to worry about TRUTH: Mutation breeding brings its own problems and should be strictly regulated Proponents often describe GM as just another form of mutation breeding, a method of plant breeding which they say has been successfully used for decades and is not…Read More
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