Multinational corporations are trying in every way possible to wrest control of our choices away from us, leaving us only with whatever GMO/poisoned dregs they foist on us to make us sicker and them richer. Have you been hearing how more and more earnings are going to the 1% richest individuals and…Read More

Why this is so important to me and my family.... Today we live in a world of terrifying sickness, disease & cancer! Linked to these sicknesses is a world of environmental factors including food pollutants. Food pollutants not only make us sick and weaken our immune system but they distroy the…Read More

No tolerance for those who use violence to abuse girls and boys and women. I remember what we were told by two of my school friends, about what happened to a very young boy, close to six years old, who was violated and abused by three youg men close to his home. It was horrible to see how this boy…Read More

We stand with Alexis!!

Save Organic Standards!

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Save Organic Standards!
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