It is time to draw the line & stop the barbaric practice of gassing animals in all states, if it is wrong in one state it is wrong in all states! 

Help us Ban Animal Gas Chambers.

 We are growing fast & now have a sister page Take Action 2, working towards banning gas chambers over the border in Canada.

Also we are affiliated with Gas Chamber Urgent ... a great page crossposting animals urgently in need of rescue from shelters across the country that use the Gas Chamber. 

*While finding & reporting on gas chamber info daily can obviously be a task as info is very limited,some days go by where no info is available,we will continue to post updated animal related articles.

Our mission is to bring awareness to animal gas chambers.

The Facebook page has over 45,000 members.

For more information on what we do, and what we have accomplished so far..

please head to the facebook page.


Here is the WEBSITE -


Jayne and Jessy Cvetanoski, Megan Mason 

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