Before It’s Too Late

  • Update #7

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama finished planting her sixth-annual White House Kitchen Garden. But this year, she did something different. She planted a pollinator garden to attract and support 70,000 bees already gracing the presidential lawn, as well…Read More

Birds and the Bees

  • Update #6

Check out this video of bee-friendly activists swarming a Home Depot store in the Chicago area. They wore costumes, brought valentines and cupcakes. And then they proceeded to die. Which is exactly what bees will continue to do, unless we convince stores like…Read More

Like a Bee to the Clover

  • Update #5

The “Show Bees Some Love” actions in seven metropolitan areas attracted local and national media, drawing much-needed attention to the critical role pesticides play in decimating the world’s honeybee population. Home Depot responded to the campaign, telling…Read More

Will It Take an Act of Congress?

  • Update #4

On February 7, 2014, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered yet another pesticide known to be toxic to honeybees—over the objections of citizens and environmentalists, and despite research suggesting it was a bad idea. Will it take an Act…Read More

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