If one part of your body is sick, it affects your whole well being.
Our planet is being traumatised by consisted abuse fuelled by greed which is fuelled by fear. If we could only relax and stop harming the planet and use our natural resources wisely and in tune with the planet, if we stand up to…Read More

its the land that is our wisdom,
its the land that shines us through,
its the land that feeds our children,
its the land! you cannot own the land the land owns you!!

its the whole story! we are destroying ourselves but no one seems to get it! if we dont act now it will be too late to stop the…Read More

Please read and sign this petition! These people are fighting for our future and the future of our children on earth, how can we just sit by and do nothing to help them? They can all end up in jail - if it was you or one of your relatives, wouldn't you want others to help you by signing the…Read More

We have to keep freedom and democracy, care and thought, integrity and powerful intention, out of imprisonment and in the field where it is doing us and the planet, an enormous service.

We are responsible for the well-being of the world in which we live and also for the world we leave to future generations. Big business doesn't give a damn for the future. All they want is to make lots of money NOW and they have to be stopped.
I am old and shan't be here much longer but I have…Read More

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