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Save The Arctic

The 21st Century could be called the Unintended Consequences Century. Chickens coming home to roost! We will be needing to channel evermore energy and knowhow and finances into cleaning up and managing the disastrous legacy of our experiment with exploitation for profit. Arctic drilling should be one of the major moratorium subjects of the Century, embodying far too risky and potentially harmful consequences to add to what we have already done wrong. Leave the oil under the sea.

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Sergio García

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Save The Arctic

To all my friends and people that I have been meeting on my path, which I really feel so grateful and blessed for that, first of all I want to greet you and wish you that hopefully you are doing good. I want to ask you for your support in this cause, this is people like me, or you, like my brother, your sister, any Dad o Mom that are trying to leave a better place for the people to come, and for those little ones that are already here, this people is like the Peace Warrior that always refuses to use his sword. As you know we are in transition times and the paradigms are changing and evolving and some people does not like and does not want to bring new life and perspectives to peoples life and the people is tired because they know we deserve it!!! Since this is what is happening just right now in Mexico I do not have any other choice but support any cause in the world that supports, as a consequence, the global change and human consciousness elevation. If we dare to raise our voice and the Universal Rights we have as human beings we are, we can always achieve our goals peacefully but with sacrifices... So thank you and I hope the Great Spirit be with you and guided you, aho!!!

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