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Judy Wilkinson

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Stop 3 Year Long Abuse Of Irish Woman With Down's Syndrome

As the parent of a son with cognitive disabilities, I cannot imagine being told that your child cannot have a passport because they don't fully understand the laws governing its issue. This is an outrage and virtually imprisons those with intellectual disabilities into staying in a country which doesn't respect their rights. Furthermore, since the young lady in question has relatives in the US who want to be her caretakers but are denied this opportunity by the Irish government, their rights are thwarted as well. The Irish government has a history of fighting for human rights for its people but draws the line in respecting the humanity of all souls.

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Kirsten Conboy

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Stop 3 Year Long Abuse Of Irish Woman With Down's Syndrome

My aunt Pauline has been stuck in Ireland for almost two years. Her passport was taken away for no justifiable reason and my family have been taking care of her all the way from America since she cannot come to visit or stay with us without a passport. We just want her to have her right to travel restored so she can come and be with us as she wishes. If you would like to find out specifics, please contact my dad (William Conboy) who has been the biggest advocate for her rights all along.

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