I have a daughter with Down syndrome and I cannot even begin to imagine why on earth this should be happening at all. What it tells me is that those people who are coming up with such idiotic reasons for not granting her her right to hold a passport are demonstrating that they are not fit to hold…Read More

Pictured shortly after Pauline's passport was illegally and unlawfully recalled and cancelled by Enda Kenny's "Tanaiste" Eamon Gilmore are…Read More

Stop 3 year long abuse of Irish woman with Down's Syndrome

Pauline's brother Seamus is an "old friend" of Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny... which begs the question... why has Enda Kenny's government inflicted so much suffering on my sister, our mother and me when he is pictured here shortly before our mother died with his "old friend" Seamus Conboy.…Read More

William Xconboy
William Xconboy Campaign leader

Pauline asks Enda Kenny personally for the return of her passport so that she can finally be re-united with her family. She has been…Read More

Why is this happening in our day and age ? How can irish people in genneral still be getting discriminated like this..its just not fair.

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