Fundraiser Complete!

  • Update #3

Thank you everyone, for your contributions!  Together we raised $1,630 towards our goal :) Causes will take a portion for providing the platform for us to crowd-raise, so we will receive a check for about $1,500 to purchase new instruments for these…Read More

Joe's Street Team Chimes In

  • Update #2

Hello donors! Last night, Joe Bonamassa's Street Team responded to an email that was sent out asking them to help us with this campaign.  The response was SO positive that it just keeps fueling us to press on!  I will be checking off music projects and…Read More

Last Step: Socialize!

  • Update #1

To date we have raised $200 towards this campaign thanks to my friends and supporters of this campaign. Thank you so much! As a result of this triumph, we were able to provide percussive instruments to a school that desperately needed them.  If you would…Read More