My sister Jackie died of Breast Cancet

this pledge really matters to me because i lost my mother to breast cancer 15yrs ago when she was only 50yrs old . Mum found out & 3mths later cancer took her.

I have 3 Aunts who have fought and continue to fight this battle. My first scare was at 20 years of age. I was lucky it was just a cyst. But all 3 of my Aunts have taken the safe route and had both breast removed and still fight! These women have become a total inspiration to me. I pray for them…Read More

My mum died of breast cancer and I was diagnosed 6 years ago. Thankfully I have just had my all clear. I have two daughters and my younger daughter has three girls. I want them all to be aware of the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. My daughters have already been screened.

Im a cancer survivor of 20 years now. When I was diagnosed the Dr. gave me a month to live if I didn't start treatment right away. So I fought the battle and won. That's why it's important to be checked and screened for this deadly monster we call cancer.Im so lucky and blessed to be alive. Thanks…Read More

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