Enough is enough!

"Barilla Pasta Won't Feature Gay Families In Ads, Says Critics Can 'Eat Anther Brand Of Pasta'"

(full article here huff.to/16LVXrZ)

Good idea Barilla, I think we'll do just that. In today's vibrant and diverse world, sentiments like these are unacceptable. Help the LGBT community show Barilla that homophobia is not only wrong, but also bad for business.  By taking this pledge you promise to buy inclusive brands (like Bertolli) and leave Barilla on the shelf. Together we are a powerful voice. Let's show Barilla that if there is no room for us in their products, there is no room for them in our pantries.

Let's be as loud as possible! Tell your friends, families, and coworkers- let's light up twitter/facebook/instagram.   

Don't forget the hashtag #BoycottBarilla

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