There was no transparency or public discussion about the killing of our turkeys either because the powers that be know is wrong and know that the public would object.  These turkeys are companions to many, attract tourists and even have helped people meet & bond with one another.  I have so many happy memories of our turkeys.  They were a real comfort & joy.  Also a learning experience for the whole family. 

If nothing else you have a chance to stand against cruelty and to be on the record against harming innocent creatures.  I also hope this petition can prevent future turkey round ups as the plan is that this will be just the first of many.  The USDA has grown too powerful.  They are killing the wildlife in our parks & communities.  We now have empty lakes where there used to be geese and now we will have more empty space for humans to throw their trash where there used to be beautiful birds.  I am deeply ashamed of human impact on all of Earth's creatures.  We are robbing future generations of the experience of nature.  We can only fight this together. 

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