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I saw an elephant when I was a child tied to a tree being tortured.It was for a class project in Social Studies on how animals are used for a variety of tasks.He was a young one and like in the movie dumbo his mother wasn't far away being tortured because she wanted her babie and couldn't stand his cries.I never forgot it ,and later in life I saw a site on Peta that had me literally crying,from the abuse of baby seals being skinned alive,to monkeys being experimented on,to little chickens that we eat filled with so much steroids they cant stand up,to pigs and others pinned in tight enclosures,to cows falling down.It's a true animal horror story.So I have a small sanctuary in my backyard for the local squirrels,rabbits,chipmonks,birds and butterflies.They are such a blessing and bring me great joy.Humans have no humanity anymore,They are filled with greed and capital gain so why not use prisoners as well as those who get caught for killing or causing suffering to the Lords creations.

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